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Can I Paint My Apartment?

01 Jul

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, you want it to feel like home. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your apartment walls is an excellent way to transform a room to fit your personal style. If you have the time and resources — and permission — you should explore painting your apartment … Continued

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, you want it to feel like home. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your apartment walls is an excellent way to transform a room to fit your personal style. If you have the time and resources — and permission — you should explore painting your apartment to transform it into a welcoming place that reflects your ideal living space. However, you’ll need to clear the paint job with your landlord if you don’t own your apartment.

If you want to paint your apartment, here are some things to consider.

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Can You Paint Your Apartment?

Before you paint your apartment, you’ll need to review your lease. Some landlords allow you to paint your apartment walls, but others don’t, so read your contract carefully. If your lease outright says no painting, then, unfortunately, you may be out of luck. However, you can always call your landlord and check with them — they might let you paint if it’s not mentioned in the lease or if they don’t mind.

Once you’ve reviewed the lease, you’ll still need to check with the landlord, even if the contract says you can paint your apartment walls. Run your potential colors and designs by them to ensure they approve of the paint on their property.

To understand more about painting your rented apartment, here are some reasons why you may or may not be allowed to paint your space.

Why You Might Be Able to Paint Your Apartment

Your landlord might allow you to paint your apartment with a few requirements, including:

  • Color: Landlords might have you select a neutral or pre-approved color if you want to paint the property. This requirement helps keep the design of the apartment cohesive and attractive for other potential renters.
  • Professional work: You might only be allowed to paint if you use a professional company. Renting a painter’s services helps reduce the risk of damage to the property while painting.
  • Extra fees: Landlords might charge you extra for painting if you don’t repaint when your lease is up. This reduces the amount they have to spend on covering up your paint job.
  • Walls: Some landlords only allow painting on accent walls. This lets tenants make part of the space feel personal without making significant, extensive changes to the property.

some landlords only allow painting on accent walls

Why Can’t I Paint My Apartment?

While there are several reasons a landlord might let you paint your walls, they can also have good reasons not to. Landlords who don’t allow apartment painting might not let you change the property due to:

  • Expenses: If you don’t repaint your wall when the lease is up or the color looks off and needs to be redone, your landlord will have to pay for this. Some landlords might not allow significant changes like painting to help keep their property in its best condition.
  • Damage: While you can often easily paint over walls, other spots are more challenging to correct. Fireplaces, brick and other features that a tenant paints over cannot have that paint easily removed — potentially devaluing that piece permanently.
  • Potential tenants: Loud, bold colors that you love for your apartment might put off potential tenants. Landlords often show rented spaces to encourage other people to live on their property. Non-neutral colors can make or break a possible lease, so some landlords will want to avoid this.


Reasons to Paint Your Apartment

If you have permission to paint your apartment, you should consider adding a new color to your space. A fresh coat of paint can change your mood and make a room feel brand-new. While painting can take some work, there are many reasons why you should paint your apartment. You can let your creativity shine and build a space that suits you for a better home environment.

Make the Space Feel New

Adding new paint to an apartment will give it new life. Over time, dirt, dust, scratches and moisture sit on walls, making them look dull and aged. Fresh paint coats will convert the old, outdated layer and can make the apartment feel brand-new and luxurious.

Make the Space Yours

While renting, you don’t own your apartment, and it can make it hard to feel at home sometimes. Adding personal touches to a space will help it feel like your own. Getting to control the paint color on your walls will make your apartment warm and inviting for your stay. Add your own personal flair and colors with complementary furniture and accents for a space that feels like you — even if it’s one you’re renting.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint an Apartment?

Several factors influence your apartment painting price. Whether you’re on a budget or are just looking for a new design project, painting costs will vary depending on the job, location and scale. Consult with a local paint company or a home supply store for helpful estimates and tips so you can plan your paint job properly.

The total cost of painting will depend on how much work you need to do. The larger your painting area, the more expensive painting will be. The number of walls, square footage and primer will all affect the cost of painting an apartment. The materials you use will also affect the total cost, from drop cloths to brushes and rollers. The more supplies you purchase and the more expensive your paint is, the higher your costs will be.

If you can paint your apartment but have to paint it back, that will add to your overall painting expenses since you’ll pay for two paint jobs. Additionally, any mistakes or damages that occur as you paint will need covering up or fixing.

Instead, consider hiring a professional to help reduce possible damage and give your apartment a high-quality paint job. This may cost extra, but interior painters will spruce up your home with expert work and give your apartment a deluxe-looking finish. As a bonus, you won’t need to invest in paint supplies and tools that you’ll only use a couple of times.

Schedule Painting Services for Your Apartment Now

If you want to paint your apartment, turn to expert services for high-quality, fast paint jobs. Painting yourself can be time-consuming and might lead to costly cover-ups and supplies. Trust the professionals at Rent Painters to deliver speedy, stand-out results for your interior paint job in the Washington Metropolitan Area. If you are renting in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia get the apartment color of your dreams.

Take the hassle out of apartment painting and use our paint calculator to help estimate the cost of your paint job. Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment with us today!

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