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Professional Wallpaper Removal

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An eye-catching wallpaper is just one way to give your interior a creative touch. But when you want a new look, wallpaper removal can be tough. Whether you want to replace your old wallpaper or go with a fresh coat of paint instead, you’ll need to start with a blank canvas. The wallpaper removal pros at Rent Painters can help.

We provide efficient, reliable wallpaper removal services to homeowners throughout the Washington, D.C., Metro area. We offer transparent pricing, a simple work process and guaranteed satisfaction. When you work with Rent Painters, you’ll experience the difference professionals can make.


What Are the Benefits of Removing Your Wallpaper?

Maybe you bought a home with wallpaper and you’re looking to revamp the interior entirely. Or perhaps you picked your wallpaper and you still love the style, but it’s looking a little worse for wear. Regardless of your reasoning, wallpaper removal comes with lots of benefits.

As wallpaper ages, it can yellow, peel or bubble. An upgrade will give your walls a polished, refreshing look.

Wallpaper removal will also make painting easier if that’s what you have in mind. Painting your walls is an affordable way to transform your home. You can create a smooth surface by removing your wallpaper, allowing you to update your paint job whenever you want.


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Why Hire a Wallpaper Removal Company?

Wallpaper removal projects require the right tools, extensive knowledge and patience, so it’s best to turn to a professional. For fast completion times and guaranteed satisfaction, you can rely on Rent Painters. A reputable wallpaper removal company lets you enjoy advantages like:

  • Superior results: Different wallpaper types have different removal techniques. With years of experience and many completed jobs, our contractors’ expertise ensures you receive clean, precise removals.
  • Bigger savings: From solvents to steamers, costs for equipment and materials can quickly add up. We strive to make creating your dream home an affordable endeavor. We’ll bring our own wallpaper removal supplies to help you save.
  • Minimal interruptions: Removing wallpaper is a delicate process and significant time commitment. We’ll work with your schedule to keep disruptions to your routine at a minimum. Our quick completion times will let you enjoy the results as soon as possible.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Wallpaper removal is one of many investments you can make when updating your home’s interior. At Rent Painters, we pride ourselves on offering trustworthy services and flawless outcomes every time. Thanks to our three-year warranties and insurance, improving your residence’s appearance is safer and easier than ever.


Our Easy Wallpaper Removal and Painting Process

At Rent Painters, our wallpaper removal complements and enhances your interior painting projects. Here’s how we seamlessly complete this home improvement service:

1. Quick Start

Connect with us to discuss your interior upgrade plans. To do this, you can call us at 202-706-7539 or fill out our simple online form. From there, our team will come to your property to thoroughly assess your walls, considering aspects such as the wallpaper age and material and the intended painting project.

2. Wallpaper Removal

Our wallpaper removers use advanced techniques to ensure the walls are undamaged and smooth. This step is crucial for a high-quality painting outcome. Our solution includes:

  • Protecting your room: First, we cover your floor and move your furniture. No mess, no fuss.
  • Peeling off the wallpaper: We take down the wallpaper carefully. Whether it requires steaming or a special liquid to get it off, we pick the best way to protect your walls.
  • Cleaning and fixing walls: After the wallpaper is off, we clean up any glue left behind and fix any minor dings or bumps on your walls.

3. Paint Service

After removing the wallpaper, we condition the walls to create an ideal surface for painting. Our preparation also includes protecting your floors, furniture and appliances and creating a clean and safe working environment.

Once the walls are ready, we can transition smoothly to the painting phase, starting right after the wallpaper is gone if you want. This cohesive approach guarantees that your home’s interior will have a high-quality finish. You can also trust us to paint your walls efficiently and evenly, without patchy spots or drip marks.

Benefits of Working With Rent Painters

You can enjoy many benefits when you choose our skilled team for wallpaper removal, but the three main advantages are:

Clear Pricing

We offer a straightforward, comprehensive quoting process detailing all aspects of wallpaper removal and subsequent painting plans. Our transparent pricing helps you know exactly how much to budget for the project.

Constant Communication

Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, ensuring we meet all your needs with the highest customer service standards. Our team will provide regular updates, keeping you posted on our actions with plain language.

Flexible Scheduling

Rent Painters will also work around your schedule so that we can do our job at convenient times for you. We aim to make the entire process, from wallpaper removal to the final paint stroke, a stress-free and satisfying experience.

Schedule Your Professional Wallpaper Removal Today

Whether you want to update your wallpaper or set the stage for your next paint job, you can count on Rent Painters for wallpaper removal services. We can give you the professional, reliable results you need to create your dream home. If you’re in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia, we’ll bring our award-winning services to you. Request your free quote today by using our calculator or reaching out to us! Our wallpaper removal contractors are ready to get started on your project.

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Wallpaper Removal Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remove the wallpaper in my home? 

It typically costs about $3 per square foot to remove wallpaper. Contact Rent Painters for a quote. 


Why should I remove the wallpaper in my home? 

Painting pros typically recommend removing the wallpaper in your home before painting, as it helps the paint last longer and look better. 


How long does the wallpaper removal process typically take?

Wallpaper removal jobs typically take 1-2 days depending on the amount of wallpaper.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all items on your checklist will be paid special attention to at each painting service.

Transparent Pricing

Use our online house painting calculator to get an instant quote and schedule your job.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all items on your checklist will be paid special attention to at each painting service.

Transparent Pricing

Use our online house painting calculator to get an instant quote and schedule your job.