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Garage Painting Services

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While we may think of our garages as storage spaces or workshops, they also serve an aesthetic purpose. You can elevate your curb appeal or brighten up your garage’s interior with a new coat of paint — the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to refresh your residence’s appearance or are planning to sell your home, sprucing up your garage will help you achieve your goal.

At Rent Painters, we provide top-quality garage painting services to our neighbors in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and beyond. If you’re in the area, you’ll have access to our straightforward process, transparent pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Why Paint Your Garage?

Your garage offers a unique opportunity to show your style. A freshly painted garage door will make you the talk of the neighborhood, and painting the inside of your garage adds another source of interior appeal. With a new paint job, you can:

    • Enhance your home’s exterior: With a freshly painted garage door, you can instantly rejuvenate your home’s overall appearance. You can also create a more cohesive look by choosing a color that complements your residence’s exterior.
    • Increase your property’s value: If you plan to sell your home, potential buyers are sure to notice a fresh coat of paint. Because many garages are plain, yours will stand out even more.
    • Have a cleaner space: A clean garage is safer and more visually appealing. New paint, especially in neutral shades like beige or gray, is easy to clean and guards your walls against mildew, mold and debris.
    • Boost your garage’s longevity: Paint creates a protective layer against the elements and natural wear and tear. When you work with us, you’ll save more on maintenance costs and have a functional, beautiful garage for years to come.



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Our Garage Painting Process

What does it take to create an outstanding finished product? When you choose Rent Painters in the greater D.C. area, we’ll handle the entire garage painting process.

Our professional garage painters will help you from beginning to end, ensuring your garage door’s interior and exterior are perfectly finished. Here’s what’s included in our garage painting process.

Step 1: Contact Rent Painters

If you’ve decided your garage needs a refresh, you can reach out to Rent Painters by phone, email or via our simple online contact form. We will come out to inspect your garage painting project and provide you with a customized quote that lays out our services and the project’s total cost.

Step 2: Consult the Experts

The three most popular types of garage doors are wood, metal and vinyl. Although we bring all the supplies, we ask that homeowners supply the paint. If you’re not sure which color or finish is right for your garage door, no problem. We have years of experience and can advise you on the right type of paint for the interior and exterior of your garage.

Step 3: Prep Work

Paint’s most formidable foe is a poorly prepped surface. That’s why we take the time to properly prepare your garage door and walls for our painting services. This includes:

  • Cleaning dirt and grime from the walls and door.
  • Removing rust, old paint or chipping paint.
  • Taping handles, locks and garage trim.
  • Covering windows.
  • Caulking if necessary.

Step 4: Garage Painting

Once we’ve prepared your garage door and interior, we quickly and efficiently prime and paint it to our exacting standards. You can expect an outstanding finished product that will refresh the entire look of your home.

Step 5: Clean up and Inspect

With Rent Painters, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after us. We take pride in leaving a space exactly as we found it. No tarps, tape or trash. No paint spills. We also welcome your feedback and trust you will be amazed at the quality of our professional garage painting services.


Reliable Garage Painting Services From Rent Painters

Depending on your garage’s design and layout, a DIY paint job can be complicated. With professional garage painting from Rent Painters, you can ensure flawless, long-lasting results. Our quality garage wall and garage door painting services offer undeniable benefits to our customers.

  • Save time and money: We’ll bring our own supplies and work with your schedule and budget. You only need your favorite paint — leave the rest to us! With years of experience and time-tested techniques, our team knows how to work accurately and efficiently. We handle the prep work and the clean-up!
  • Achieve your desired look: Our skilled garage painters can provide smooth, even finishes on any surface. If your garage has ornate or distinct architectural features, we’ll help you showcase them.
  • Secure your purchase: Any painting project is an investment. With Rent Painters, you’ll get the results you want every time. We offer warranties and are fully insured for maximum protection.


Exceptional Customer Service

You shouldn’t have to scour the internet for reliable painting services. We take pride in our reputation for outstanding work and exceptional customer service. We’re so confident we offer a two-year warranty on all exterior jobs, including our garage door paint projects.

Our quality work has earned us numerous awards and helped plenty of homeowners fall in love with their Washington, D.C., residences all over again.


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Garage Painting Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to paint a garage door?

It typically costs about $1 to $4 per square foot to paint a garage door. The price of painting a garage door depends on the cost of labor and supplies. Contact us today for a quote. 


How much does it cost to paint garage walls?

The cost to paint the interior of a garage is around $1.65 to $3.60 per square foot. Just like the price of painting a garage door, the price of painting a garage’s interior depends on the labor and materials needed. You can reach out to Rent Painters for a quote.


What types of paint are best for a garage door?

Oil-based exterior paint and premium acrylic latex paint are typically used to paint metal garage doors, as they are more durable than other paint types. 


What types of paint are best for the interior of a garage?

Acrylic latex paint is best for the interior of a garage. 


Do I need to completely empty my garage before Rent Painters begins painting? 

Yes, please empty your garage before Rent Painters begins painting. 


How long does it typically take to complete a garage painting project?

Garage painting projects typically take 1-2 days to complete. 


Can you accommodate any specific requirements, such as anti-slip paint for the garage floor?



Does Rent Painters offer a warranty or guarantee on garage painting services?

All interior coatings applied to plaster, drywall and wood surfaces shall be warranted for a period of 2 years.


Are there any specific timeframes or scheduling options for garage painting services?

No – contact Rent Painters and we will get your garage painting project on our calendar. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all items on your checklist will be paid special attention to at each painting service.

Transparent Pricing

Use our online house painting calculator to get an instant quote and schedule your job.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all items on your checklist will be paid special attention to at each painting service.

Transparent Pricing

Use our online house painting calculator to get an instant quote and schedule your job.