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Best House Colors for Resale

31 Mar

If you’re currently preparing your home for sale, you understand the importance of home staging to stand out to potential buyers. In addition to your other preparations and improvements, remember that the biggest pieces of visual real estate in your home are your interior and exterior walls. Choosing the right paint colors can put more … Continued

If you’re currently preparing your home for sale, you understand the importance of home staging to stand out to potential buyers. In addition to your other preparations and improvements, remember that the biggest pieces of visual real estate in your home are your interior and exterior walls.

Choosing the right paint colors can put more money in your pocket. Read on to discover how new paint can help with a fast, profitable sale and the best colors to paint rooms in your home for resale.

Should I Repaint My House Before Selling?

Repainting your home for resale offers a fantastic return on investment. Fresh paint is a quick and affordable way to make your house look cleaner, updated and better maintained, inside and out. With a professional paint job in appealing colors, you’ll wow more home buyers at first home viewing and receive better offers.

What Color Should I Paint My House to Sell?

Knowing what color houses sell faster is the first step to choosing paints to prepare your home for the market. Follow these tips for choosing the best colors to paint a house for sale based on your home’s architecture and neighborhood:

  • Use a three-color paint scheme: Most interior paint jobs consist of three main paint surfaces — walls, ceiling and trim. Save time and money with a flat neutral wall, flat ceiling and satin or semi-gloss white trim.
  • Research and paint swatch: Find inspiration by searching Pinterest and magazines to find pictures of rooms similar to yours. Always swatch your paint in the intended space when choosing your colors. Lighting can dramatically change its appearance, and color often looks different on a larger scale.
  • Take a walk around the block: Study your neighborhood to find houses similar to yours and check their value online. Review the best house colors on your street and take your paint cues from them.
  • Keep it light and bright with white: White ceilings are always in style and a crisp white trim will refresh doors, windows and baseboards. Painting your ceilings flat white is cost-effective, hides imperfections, makes the ceiling look higher and adds continuity throughout the entire home.
  • Modernize with refreshed finishes: Linoleum floors, wood grain cabinets and paneled walls can make an older house look drab and dated. Removing busy wallpaper and repainting dark cabinets works wonders to update the appearance of an old house.
  • Complement your home’s architecture: Make paint decisions based on your home’s architecture, landscape and details you plan to leave unpainted. Choose siding and shutter colors that work with existing brick, stone and fencing. Pick interior colors to complement flooring, countertops and fixtures.


What Exterior Colors Sell a House for a Higher Resale Value?

Help the prospective buyer envision themselves “at home” in your house to sell it quickly and for a great price. Psychologists say first impressions really do matter — we make up our minds about people within the first seven seconds. The same is probably true for homebuyers seeing a house, so it’s crucial to nail that first look with the right exterior paint color.

Entice buyers and increase your home’s resale potential with one of the following exterior paint colors.

Best Neutral Exterior Paint Colors for Resale

Neutral colors are an excellent exterior choice for resale because they offer a soothing, neutral backdrop for potential buyers:

  • Shades of white: From modern white farmhouses to whitewashed brick colonials, a white, off-white or ivory exterior offers a clean slate for potential buyers to envision their personal touches against a fresh backdrop.
  • Shades of gray: Gray is the best color to paint your house exterior for resale value right now. From light slate to deep charcoal, gray’s versatility lets it pair beautifully with stone, white trim and a multitude of accent colors.
  • Taupe and beige: If you have a brown roof, tan, taupe, light brown, beige or cream exteriors will create a cozy look. These warm neutrals are perfect for cottages, Tudors, ranches, Craftsmans and historically inspired architecture.
  • Greige: If you can’t decide between a cool gray or a warm beige, greige might be for you. This ultimate mid-range neutral’s ability to work with virtually every accent color makes this a classic choice to stand the test of time.
  • Black: Bold black house exteriors are on the rise in select locations. This edgy look works best in urban and creative areas with a younger buyer market. If an inky exterior is too much for your neighborhood, you can dip your toe in by painting just your door black.


neutral colors are an excellent choice for resale

Top Non-Neutral Exterior Colors for Resale

If you live in a neighborhood where color is more popular than neutrals, opt for one of these safe exterior colors:

  • Blue:  Navy blue is classic and looks great with a brown roof, while blue-gray and powder blue can give your house a coastal or cottage look.
  • Green: A soft sage, earthy moss or natural gray-green will offer a traditional hue perfect for Arts and Crafts architecture.
  • Yellow: While it’s best to steer clear of bright yellows, a pale buttery yellow is a historical hue ideal for Victorians and bungalows.


What Are the Best Interior House Colors for Resale Value?

Always choose home staging paint colors proven to sell houses faster and for more money. It’s important to remember that you’re painting for potential homebuyers rather than your own design preferences. You can use this list of the top interior colors by room to take the guesswork out of choosing paint:

  • Open floor plan: While you may be tempted to paint everything white, an all-white floor plan in an open-concept home can make the vast space feel cold and sterile. It’s best to limit the white to the trim and opt for a light neutral gray or greige for the walls.
  • Main living areas: Choose a single unifying neutral color for walls in the main living spaces — living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, dens, finished basements and hallways. Light gray, taupe and off-white are good choices.
  • Bathrooms: Potential buyers love the spa-like quality of light blue bathrooms, to the tune of paying 1.6% more — that’s nearly $5,000 more for a typical $290,000 home. Light gray and off-white are other good alternatives.
  • Kitchens: Homebuyers are more likely to purchase a home with a white kitchen, so brighten walls or cabinets with white paint.
  • Bedrooms: Soothing cool colors are best for bedrooms. Midtone gray, forest green, denim or navy are excellent choices if you want a deeper wall color.

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