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The Benefits Of Renting A Painter

08 Mar

When it comes to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home, you want them to look their best. Whether it’s a new coat of paint, a touch-up, or an entire shift in visual aesthetic and color, the walls and ceilings that make your home are your canvases to show off your taste, preferences, and style to both … Continued

When it comes to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home, you want them to look their best. Whether it’s a new coat of paint, a touch-up, or an entire shift in visual aesthetic and color, the walls and ceilings that make your home are your canvases to show off your taste, preferences, and style to both your guests and yourself.

Depending on what you are looking for, painting is likely going to be a service you are looking for, but not everyone understands the importance of utilizing professional painting services. Many people might try to save money and hire a friend who painted their own house, or maybe they even purchase all of the supplies and just try to do it themselves.

Many homeowners miss out on the quality services and final-look differences that professional painters offer. A professional painter provides more than just a contract and a branded logo — a professional painter provides the quality, timeliness, and experience that you need to give your home the best it deserves.

That’s what Rent Painters is proud to offer to homeowners all over the DC area — professional painting for interior and exterior needs.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Painters?

Keep reading to learn six significant benefits that a professional painter can provide you with and how Rent Painters in DC can help.

1. Experience Quality

The most significant difference that professional painters can make for your painting needs is the experience they bring to the job and how that is often represented in the final quality of your paint job. Many of our painters have done extensive paint jobs on various house types and room types, which means they will know the best approach and the best tools to use for your specific paint job needs.

This experience also means that they know the proper techniques and methods to get excellent results, utilizing their tools to offer a paint coat that is exactly how you envisioned. We believe that the higher-quality the paint job, the longer it will last and the more effective it will be for your purposes.

2. Save Time

Another benefit of renting a painter is saving A LOT of time. If you try to do the big job of painting your house yourself, you’ll quickly find that it will take you a great deal more time to complete than you anticipated. That’s because this is not something that you do regularly.

Because it’s been such a long time since you’ve painted (or perhaps you’ve never painted in your entire life), you lack experience. You’re not up-to-date on the products, tools, processes, and techniques that will save you time. Very quickly, you’ll likely feel completely overwhelmed, and you’ll end up searching for painters anyway to complete the job for you.

Professional painters promise efficiency and timeliness. Completion time might not be that critical for you, especially if you don’t have many guests over, but for painting, the quicker and more efficient the job is completed, the better. By sticking to a schedule that works with your needs, professionals can quickly and smoothly provide the paint job you need without commandeering a section of your home for longer than you anticipated. This also means that you will get the finished paint job look a lot quicker than you would have done from a non-professional paint source.

3. Maintain Health and Safety Standards

While it may come as a surprise to some, painting is a job that brings about certain health and safety risks.

When you paint your interior, you might risk illness from breathing in paint fumes. You also risk injuring yourself while moving heavy furniture to prepare for painting. While painting the exterior on your own might seem safer, it requires a ladder and reaching tall places that can be unsafe if you’re working alone.

Hiring professionals is safer for you and everyone involved. They know the proper precautions for interior and exterior painting projects and will safely get the job done. Your contractor will also comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to ensure your home is at the correct health and environmental standards. For instance, if your home previously used lead paint on its walls, professional painters have the painting skill to remedy the situation.

4. Properly Disposal of Materials

Depending on the project, you might remove old wallpaper, paint flakes or leftover paint while working. In most cases, you’re left with some debris that you can’t throw away through your regular waste disposal methods. Professional painters know the proper procedures for getting rid of certain materials to save you energy.

Painting requires covering furniture, taping windows, walls, masking up, putting on gloves and purchasing the right equipment. All of this requires a lot of time and energy. When you hire professionals, they’ll quickly move heavy objects and any other unnecessary items out of the way. They’ll efficiently cover walls and furniture from paint splatter, as well, using the correct tools and materials to do so.

5. Access the Best Paints

If you have minimal painting experience, you’ll wonder what the best paints, tints and sheens are for your project. There are many choices, and while your local home improvement store employee might point you in the right direction, paint is a contractor’s livelihood.

Professionals will use high-quality brands, select the right colors to match your interior or exterior features and choose sheens that are practical for your project. If you’re searching for exterior paint colors that will fit well with other houses in your neighborhood, they’ll be able to achieve a cohesive look and the quality results you desire.

6. Save Money

It might sound backwards that paying for quality professional painters will actually save you money, but it’s true. Attempting a paint job yourself or utilizing a non-professional paint resource means buying or paying for all the specific paints, tools, and equipment needed to complete the job correctly. But something you may not know is that many professional paint companies, including Rent Painters in DC, get a significant discount for a variety of paint products and tools. This means you’ll pay a lot less for the professional painting service than you would be for just the tools and paint and equipment itself.

When you set out on your journey to find professional painters, beware of ultra-low quotes — they might charge you hidden fees, or they’ll do such a poor job that you’ll have to rent a more experienced painter to fix their work. Professionals will strictly adhere to the budget you set out beforehand, so you won’t be going over budget or getting into a higher financial investment than anticipated.

Why You Should Choose Rent Painters

Searching for painters and then waiting for an inspection and quote is a job in and of itself! Instead of hunting around online and contacting half a dozen different contractors, find the ONE place that will do the job well for you at a price you can afford. Here in the DC area, the company that can meet your needs quickly is Rent Painters.

1. Efficiency

Going with us will save you time while providing you with a superior experience because of the following reasons:

  • We provide upfront pricing
  • We work quickly
  • We are honest and transparent
  • We have an efficient system in place
  • We’ll give a time estimate and stick to it

2. Experience and Quality

At Rent Painters, our team paints every day! We regularly complete both large and small projects. We are available to repaint your entire mansion, inside and out, or your tiny house. We can paint townhomes, condos, apartments and other dwellings, as well as commercial and government buildings. We have the experience that comes from painting daily for nearly twenty years, the type of experience that leads to top-quality, great results!

3. Affordable Rates

Save your money and rent a painter from the start. When you hire Rent Painters, you will benefit from:

  • Affordable prices
  • No hidden charges
  • Competent work
  • No need to hire others to redo the work

4. Warrantied and Insured

When looking for a painter, don’t overlook the importance of renting an insured painter who provides a warranty. At Rent Painters, we protect our customers and our workers through the following:

  • We are insured at $2 million with general liability
  • We fully adhere to all Workers’ Comp requirements
  • We offer a three-year warranty on all interior jobs
  • We offer a two-year warranty on all exterior jobs

What’s more, Rent Painters is proud to have been honored with the Angie’s List Super Service Award for five years in a row!

Rent Painters works hard to complete the job quickly and within budget

Professional Painters in DC — Rent Painters

As you can see, there are many impactful differences that a professional painter can make when it comes to acquiring a paint job. Whether it’s an exterior touch-up or interior remodeling, the quality and efficiency of a paint job matter.

With Rent Painters here in Washington, DC, you will enjoy professional results as well as no-hassle service. We genuinely believe in providing excellent customer service, doing our job well, charging a fair price, and staying out of your way as much as possible. We work hard to complete the job quickly and within budget so you can get on with your life and enjoy your spruced-up home!

Contact us today to get started!

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