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Exterior painting

08 Mar

Make Your Home the Talk of the Town With a New Paint Job

The exterior of the home is what everyone sees first. Make it the talk of the town by getting it painted by professionals. This doesn’t just mean the house itself, either. The house, garage, shed, deck, and even outdoor decor can all benefit from some paint. It helps improve the look and value of your residence.

Exterior Painting Tips and Tricks

Paint helps protect your home’s exterior from wear and tear. Depending on the state of your house, you should add a new coat of exterior paint every five years or so. Regular maintenance will let you:

  • Address physical signs of wear: Exposure to the elements can lead to your house’s paint cracking, peeling or bubbling over time. When your siding is exposed, moisture can more easily penetrate the paint film and cause issues underneath. Professionals can assess these problems during regular maintenance.
  • Eliminate fading: Even the best paint will begin to fade from the sun over time. Experts can add a new coat to keep your home looking good as new.
  • Seal gaps: If your siding has begun to pull away from your doors or window frames, professional house painters can seal the cracks with caulking. They can also check to ensure moisture hasn’t caused wood damage.

While your new coat of paint will take just a few hours to dry and then around 30 days to cure, it will instantly revitalize your home’s exterior.

Choose Neutral Colors

Sure, you can opt for a bright pink house. This bold statement won’t go over well for many in the neighborhood, though. It may be the talk of the town — but not the talk you want. You should choose neutral colors that will help with curb appeal. There’s a reason shades of gray, brown, white, and blue get picked most often. They look appealing without needing to be over the top.

Make It Match

You may have put a lot of thought into the paint scheme of your house. Did you think about the other components surrounding it that also make up part of your home’s exterior? The shed, garage, deck, other outbuildings, and even decor should also get painted. You want to make sure things match and go well together for a truly eye-catching picture.

Bring It Back to Life

Perhaps you don’t need a full paint job completed. A touch-up can really help bring your home back to life. Adding some color to your trim can brighten things up while changing the color of some outdoor decor can also inspire a fresh look for the place.

Hire Professionals

Make your home the (good) talk of the town by hiring professionals for a paint job. You’ll get all the benefits without having to accomplish the work yourself. A new paint job can make your home’s exterior look fresh, appealing, and inviting to yourself, your guests, and future buyers.

professionals can help you pick colors that go well together

Hiring professional exterior painters has many advantages, including:

  • Professional quality: Expert painters will provide high-quality work using premium products, letting you enjoy a finished, professional look. If you’re trying to sell your home, you can be sure buyers will see the appeal as well.
  • Years of experience: Trying to paint your home yourself can lead to issues you weren’t anticipating. You also run the risk of damaging the exterior, leading to expensive repairs. Experts will do the job right the first time, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Excellent colors: Professionals can help you pick colors that go well together and look great with the other houses in your neighborhood. If you’re on the fence about how you’d like your home to look, experts can give you fun and intelligent suggestions to help you make your house a masterpiece.
  • Proper tools: Expert painters have the necessary tools to paint and repair your house. You’ll save money and ensure a beautiful home by hiring painters with professional brushes and tools.

The best way to hire an exterior house painter is to search for professionals in your area with excellent online reviews. You’ll want the painting company to be reliable and provide high-quality work for the best investment.

All the Benefits

Of course, you’re getting enhanced curb appeal when you paint. The fresh color looks great to you and everyone who passes by. That’s not the only benefit you receive from a paint job, though. An extra layer of paint helps further protect the home’s siding from the elements, increasing its lifespan so you won’t have to make replacements so soon.

You may need (or choose) to sell your home in the future. Keeping a fresh coat of paint on the house can also help increase the overall value. It’s a job the new owners won’t have to complete themselves, so you’ll be more likely to receive a larger profit because of it. It’s recommended to paint every five years — give or take — to maintain these benefits.

You’ll also get to stop damage before it becomes a problem. You get a closeup of your siding, window trim, and other exterior components when you paint. If insects infiltrate or weather warps your wood, you’ll know. You can assess the situation and get things repaired before it has the chance to worsen. Once you address this concern, you can continue with your painting project. Your home will now be in the best condition possible.

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