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At Rent Painters, we know that time is precious, and transforming your home shouldn’t feel like a hassle. Our team produces unparalleled results when it comes to:

When it comes to precision and quality, our skilled professionals are top of the line when priming your walls, fixing imperfections, and completing the project on time.

We cover each detail:

  • - Move and secure furniture
  • - Floor coverage
  • - We bring our own supply. All our customer provides is the pain
The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, and sometimes that exterior needs a little facelift in the form of a fresh coat of paint. Rent Painters will transform the outside of your home to a picture-perfect view— sure to turn heads around the neighborhood.
  • - We bring our own supply. All our customer provides is the paint.
Drywall is a structural wonder that can transform your home quickly and easily. This popular building material can be seamlessly installed by seasoned professionals like the ones on our team.


  • - Drywall Repair and replacement
The kitchen is known as your home's heart; some consider it the most important room in the entire house. Rent Painters can give your existing cabinetry a high-quality finish with a refreshed look that will
With many of us spending more time at home nowadays, our decks and backyards have become an escape. Many homeowners will find that a fresh coat of paint or stain can vastly improve your backyard appearance. Let Rent Painters update your yard and upgrade your curb appeal.