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Questions To Ask When You’re Looking For House Painters In The DC Area

04 Mar

For any homeowner in the market for a new paint job, there is a bit of due diligence that should be done before contracting out just any house painter. This service is going to be transforming the aesthetic of your home’s interior or exterior, not to mention that the house painters will be in and … Continued

For any homeowner in the market for a new paint job, there is a bit of due diligence that should be done before contracting out just any house painter. This service is going to be transforming the aesthetic of your home’s interior or exterior, not to mention that the house painters will be in and around your home. For something this important, doing some research and asking questions is a must, and can help you figure out which house painting company is the best choice for the job, whether it’s the quality of their service, the trustworthiness of their employees, or even just simple insurance offerings. Findings of this research and answers to these questions are crucial for determining the best choice of house painters for the job.

But, exactly what questions should you ask? There are some pretty straightforward ones that might naturally come to your head based on the most pressing concerns and logistics, like pricing, scheduling, and quality guarantees. But what about things like insurance, warranties, or even just a simple accurate quote for the paint job? There are a variety of questions out there that can help you determine which company is the best choice for your house painting needs, but learning the right ones can help you get exactly what you need and deserve. Keep reading to learn more of the right questions to ask when you’re looking for house painters, and consider Rent Painters in the DC area, as we are pretty sure you will like our answers to these questions.

Types of Services Offered?

The first thing you should probably figure out when considering a house painter for your needs is what type of house painting services the company provides. Some house painting companies in the DC area specialize in interior painting, others in exterior painting, and others still (like Rent Painters) specialize in both. While you might only be in the market for one or the other, once you have a trusted professional painter at your disposal, you might look to touch up more than just the initial project area, whether it’s another room inside your home, or patchy spots on the exterior of your home. Some house painting companies (like Rent Painters) also offer a number of other services, like drywall repair, plaster repair, wallpaper removal, pressure washing, deck cleaning services, fence, deck and garage painting.

Pricing and Accurate Estimate?

There are a variety of house painting companies out there, but oftentimes, their pricing can be the determining factor for which one you choose. Some places offer affordable prices, but may present some questions regarding quality, while other places might give you more confidence in their work, but at a steeper price. Comparing prices is a good way to understand the value of a service offering, but the best way to truly understand what you will get for your money is an estimate. The best painting companies (like Rent Painters) will provide no cost estimates that accurately reflect the pricing for the job. Some even have an estimate calculator on their website, so all you have to do is enter in your information and the service you need in the area you need it, and the calculator will give you an accurate estimate.

Insurance and Warranties?

For anyone in need of a professional house painter, there are a few legal and financial logistics to consider as well when determining the best house painting company for the job. Many house painting companies will be insured, giving you the legal protection you need in case of an accident, but it’s important to check beforehand. Many house painting companies also offer warranties on their services, although not all warranties offered are created equal. Some companies might not offer a very good warranty because the durability and longevity of their service is questionable. Rent Painters takes great pride in the quality and longevity of our work, and we reflect that in providing a three year warranty on all interior jobs and a two year warranty on all exterior jobs.

Satisfaction Guarantees and Trustworthiness?

When it comes to asking the right questions for determining the best house painter for the job, there are some things that may not make-or-break a deal for some folks, but simply make you feel more confident in your decision. A reliable satisfaction guarantee (like the one Rent Painters has) is hard to come by, but the right one can make you feel extra confident in the quality of service you will receive. Trustworthiness is harder to ask about straight up and is more of a feeling, but certain things like ensuring the security of payment info, background checks on painters, and reliable insurance and warranties go a long way in making people feel comfortable and confident in their decision to hire a house painter.

House Painter in DC – Rent Painters

For many homeowners, a nice paint job, whether it’s on the interior or exterior, can really revitalize the aesthetic and visual experience of living in their home. But finding the right professional house painter for the job is easier said than done, and sometimes, asking the right questions and doing some research is necessary. Luckily, with Rent Painters, you can have all of these questions answered on our FAQ page, so that you can feel confident and secure in the quality of house painted services we can offer to your home in the DC area. Contact us today to get started!

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