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Paint Colors for Your Home Office

29 Dec

These days, many people are working from home, whether it’s full-time or as part of a hybrid work arrangement. Having a dedicated office space in your home provides you with your own environment to work in that’s separate from your living space, which can help your productivity while working from home. Perhaps the best part … Continued

These days, many people are working from home, whether it’s full-time or as part of a hybrid work arrangement. Having a dedicated office space in your home provides you with your own environment to work in that’s separate from your living space, which can help your productivity while working from home.

Perhaps the best part about having a home office is that you get to choose the decor and color palette yourself. The best home office paint color for you depends on your personal style and the type of work that you do, but the right color choices can enhance your workspace and provide you with many benefits.

Why Paint Your Home Office?

The environment you work in can have a huge impact on the way you work and how you feel about your work. This, in turn, can affect your efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction. Planning the colors and design of your workspace with intention makes a big difference in your day-to-day work. Painting your home office may seem like a simple change, but it can have many benefits, including:

  • Boost the mood: An intentionally designed home office can provide a boost to your mood, no matter what kind of work you do. A bright and cheery office will make you more excited to get to spend time in the space and get your to-dos accomplished.
  • Enhance your work style: Choosing the right home office paint colors can even be used to enhance the work that you do. If you work under high pressure or deal with stressful situations, consider a calming shade of green or blue to provide balance. If you’re an artist or in a creative job, yellows and pinks have been shown to boost creativity. If you struggle to keep your energy levels up, reds, bold purples and other bright shades can help you keep your momentum going.
  • Define your workspace: When you work from home, it can sometimes be difficult to separate your work from your home life. Painting your home office a different shade than the rest of the home can delineate the space, helping you to have separation and keep work — and your work mindset — in the office.


a list of the best paint colors for your home office

Best Colors for Your Home Office

When you’re planning out your paint colors for a home office, it’s a good idea to do a little research into the trending office colors now, as well as understand which colors will work best for your situation. Let’s take a closer look into the best home office wall paint ideas to inspire your space:

Whites and Light Neutrals

Professional office paint ideas often lean into traditional whites and other neutral shades of beige and light grey. However, choosing a neutral color doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose a neutral with undertones of yellows, blues, pinks and more, that you can accentuate with pops of color elsewhere in your design scheme. White paint or light neutrals are a classic choice and provide a clean, professional look. These options are some of the best paint colors for a small home office because they tend to make a space feel larger.


Often considered a neutral shade, grey paint colors deserve their own category. From the very light shades to the very dark, grey is a relaxing, harmonious and professional choice for home office walls. It’s a color that exudes discipline and inspires intelligent conversation. Greys can come with either warm or cool undertones and are easy to accent with coordinating pops of color. Cool greys work well with black, blue and green accents while a warm grey goes great with a pop of yellow or pink for added interest.

Earth Tones

Earthy tones can make you feel more connected to nature while you work. Earthy browns, mossy greens and sky blues evoke the soothing, serene qualities of nature and can help you relax during more stressful work calls and projects. These colors work great with other natural decor elements like wood or rattan furniture and live plants, and are great for those with busy schedules or excess work stress.


Shades of yellow, especially brighter, bolder ones, can really liven up any space and are some of the best office paint color choices. Yellow is energizing and can help you stay focused. Known as the color of happiness, yellows also infuse optimism into a space and are a great conversation-starter background for your video calls.

Dark Blues

Bold, dark shades of blue are really having a moment right now for home office decor. Navy, and other dark blues, make excellent backdrops for your photos and videos, while also helping to camouflage extra electronics like television screens and computer monitors. The color can also be comforting and soothing — great for a home office atmosphere.

Bold, Bright Colors

The office can be a great place to show a little more personality with bold, bright colors. Think rich shades of greens, purples and pinks. Bright colors like pinks, corals, yellows and peaches can inspire creativity and keep energy levels higher while you work. They can also serve to make your office look different and separate from the rest of your living space. You don’t have to go to ultra vivid or neon to get the effect, just maybe a shade or two darker or brighter than your other rooms.

Chalkboard or Dry Erase Paint

Another great office painting idea is to do a whole wall in chalkboard or dry-erase paint. This addition can really add to the versatility of your space and is great if you share your space with kids doing schoolwork at home. It can also be a great idea if your job has you taking notes or doodling often, or if you need to give video presentations. Both paints are available in a range of colors too, so you can keep the color scheme you want for your home office.

hire Rent Painters to paint your home office

Hire Rent Painters to Paint Your Home Office

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