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How to Find the Best Paint Colors for Your Home Gym

25 Nov

Home gyms are becoming more popular than ever. But these spaces involve much more than throwing a few pieces of equipment into a room. The paint color you choose for your home gym has a massive impact on the road to smashing your fitness goals. We’ll outline the importance of choosing home gym paint colors … Continued

Home gyms are becoming more popular than ever. But these spaces involve much more than throwing a few pieces of equipment into a room. The paint color you choose for your home gym has a massive impact on the road to smashing your fitness goals.

We’ll outline the importance of choosing home gym paint colors and offer tips and tricks to help you choose the best color schemes.

Why Should You Paint Your Home Gym?

Painting your gym’s walls is one of the best things you can do for your home gym. The color you’re surrounded by during your workouts plays a role in how you feel and perform. While you may not consciously notice it, colors are always affecting your mood, how you sleep and even what foods you enjoy.

Color psychology focuses on how colors impact the emotions and behaviors of those who view them. Marketing and advertising companies commonly implement this theory into their campaigns to determine which packaging colors or design mockups will positively influence buyer decisions and increase sales.

Color psychology also influences your wellness routine. The color of your room will impact your thoughts and feelings surrounding working out, triggering arousal states like love and passion or tranquility and peacefulness. Finding the right paint scheme for your home gym will motivate you and give you the energy and mental strength to push through each workout in style.

Tips for Picking a Home Gym Paint Color

A home gym is a serious investment, so you want to ensure you’re getting every detail right. If you’re searching for the best paint colors for your home gym, consider the following questions and tips before you decide:

Plan Around Your Workouts

Not all exercises require the same energy, intensity or even focus. This means that not every color will give you all the benefits you need to feel and perform at your best in your home gym. So, what workouts do you plan on participating in the most?

Intense training like riding a bike, running or powerlifting would be better suited for energetic colors like reds, oranges and yellows. On the flip side, workouts like yoga, Pilates or aerobics may benefit from calmer, more relaxing colors such as green or white.

Keep in mind that you want to choose a color, or colors, that inspire and motivate you. You should love your gym wall paint colors, giving you an extra reason to get in and better yourself.

Consider Your Gym’s Location

You may have your equipment in the basement, transform your garage or create a makeshift exercise area in your living room. Regardless of where you want to put yours, consider aspects of the space, like lighting and size. If you don’t have adequate natural light, consider a versatile LED light that lets you change warmth and brightness.

While developing your home gym paint ideas, consider your room size. A smaller room with a lot of equipment may feel more cluttered with an intense and vibrant paint color scheme. If you’re working with less space, you might want to paint an accent wall using a powerful color and cover the rest with a soothing, neutral color to balance it out.

Pick Colors for Everyone Involved

Everyone has unique workouts they enjoy and sets specific goals for their gym sessions. If you’re creating a home gym for the entire family, choosing colors that fit everyone’s preferences is best. Consider their age, gender, workout routines and personalities to find the perfect paint colors for your home gym.

Like other rooms in your home, you want to create an environment that feels like an extension of you and your family. Make sure to add extra visuals and elements to give yourself the motivation you need to crush every workout.

choosing colors that fit everyone's preferences is best

Best Paint Colors for a Home Gym

The colors you choose have a significant impact on your workouts at home. Let’s look at some colors that may be a good choice for you!


If you do a lot of powerlifting, running or other high-energy cardio training, it’s a fantastic idea to add some red hues around your space.

Red is one of the boldest colors, perfect for pumping you up to tackle an intense workout. Many believe red can increase blood pressure, respiration and heart rate while evoking feelings of dominance, passion and power — stimulating both the body and mind to power you through your session.


Surrounding yourself in a sea of orange will give you energy you never knew you had. Orange is often associated with brightness and happiness, increasing your motivation and improving your attitude to ensure you’re giving your exercises all you have.

Orange arouses people and gets them moving. While these characteristics make it challenging to read or study, they can create the perfect environment for jumping rope, running on a treadmill, using the elliptical or doing any other high-intensity interval training. Choosing orange for your workout room will get your heart racing and give you the drive to push through anything.


Whether blue reminds you of clear skies or the rocking ocean, it’s one of the best colors to offer you a peaceful or calm feeling. These feelings can be quite beneficial for any weight room, giving you more focus and increased productivity to check off your objectives for your workout.

Plus, blue can create a room that visually feels cooler, giving you peace of mind during training that works up a sweat. That also makes this option a great paint color for an in-home yoga studio.


Green is a fantastic color choice whether you want to connect with nature while you pump some iron or find your inner peace through meditation. It has something within that helps us feel fresh and revitalized when we look at it.

This color can also relax your body and make you feel at ease, which is ideal for getting on the yoga mat or trying your hand at Pilates.

Contact Rent Painters to Paint Your Home Gym

Rent Painters is ready to help with our reliable interior painting services in the Washington, D.C. area if you’re looking to spruce up your home gym. At Rent Painters, we’re on a mission to help you bring your dream home to life. We offer convenient interior painting services, making it as effortless as possible to receive a quote and schedule your job with our experienced professionals.

Wondering how much it would cost to paint your home gym? Check out our interior painting estimate calculator to start planning your project today. If you still have questions, please contact us online to speak with a team member.

Contact Rent Painters to paint your home gym

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