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Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

11 Feb

When you think of remodeling and decorating your home, the bathroom may be one of the last rooms you consider since it’s smaller and not front-and-center to give first impressions to visitors. However, having a comfortable bathroom that reflects your style can give you a private space to relax and feel calm. Think about your … Continued

When you think of remodeling and decorating your home, the bathroom may be one of the last rooms you consider since it’s smaller and not front-and-center to give first impressions to visitors. However, having a comfortable bathroom that reflects your style can give you a private space to relax and feel calm.

Think about your bathroom as not just a room you need for privacy, but as a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Instead of focusing your bathroom’s aura solely on function, consider the room as a place you can creatively customize to your preferences to provide both functional amenities and stylish decor.

When to Remodel Your Bathroom

Why should you remodel your bathroom? If you walk into your bathroom and can’t feel a sense of comfort and rejuvenation for any reason, this may be a telltale sign you need to change things up. You may feel this way for various reasons, and each one is a valid sign that you should remodel your bathroom.

One of the biggest reasons to remodel your space is if your bathroom has obvious signs of damage. This can range across anything from leaking pipes to broken appliances to mold and mildew. Because of the constant presence of water in the bathroom, you may also find rust or limescale. Each of these issues can also cause a continual bad smell in your bathroom.

Even if your bathroom does not have any functional issues, you may want to remodel it for cosmetic reasons. If it’s outdated or the decor is no longer stylish, you may want to start your bathroom over with a fresh look. Other aspects that may cause you to want to remodel include cramped spaces, an unoptimized layout, poor lighting and old appliances.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Whether an accident is causing you to redo your bathroom or you’re just ready for a change, you should follow some simple tips on bathroom renovations to make redesigning your bathroom easier and more budget-friendly:

1. Set a Budget and Follow It

Because bathrooms are typically smaller with less floor space than other rooms of the house, this characteristic leaves the impression that bathroom remodels will be inexpensive. Just like with any other remodel, though, it’s easy to go over your budget when picking out everything you want for upgrading your bathroom. Creating a budget will help you manage your spending.

The biggest consideration you need to make when redoing your bathroom is the cost of labor. You may save a great deal on supplies and materials, but you also need to account for labor costs and contractor prices. Ask yourself what you are willing to spend and what you can afford to avoid bathroom renovation mistakes like overspending.

Remember that any renovation you do is an investment into your house and can affect the resale rate. However, home improvements are not always things you should rely on as returnable investments, so renovate the bathroom with yourself and your needs in mind.

2. Plan Your Bathroom

Before you make any changes to your bathroom, have a conversation with everyone who uses the room to discuss their wants and needs. From this conversation, create a bathroom remodeling plan, and find a contractor who can help you keep this plan. Consider whether your bathroom is a standard, half bath or wet bathroom and if you want to keep the same type or change it.

The next thing to do is think about the bathroom layout. This room can be trickier to rearrange than other rooms in the house because you have to consider piping and plumbing fixtures. It’s often easier and less expensive to keep the layout generally the same.

Finding a bathroom design that’s right for you begins with knowing your wants and needs. Some things to talk about include features the bathroom already has and what needs changing, necessary appliances and amenities, fixtures and finishings you want and any other extra details important to each person. You’ll also want to consider what paint colors to choose if you’re repainting the room. Calm hues like blues or greens are better for creating the relaxing atmosphere you desire, but you can always go for unexpected colors.

3. Remember to Consider Bathroom Ventilation

Having a proper ventilation system is extremely important for your bathroom. When you take steaming showers, run the faucet or flush the toilet, you release wetness and humidity into the room. If you do not have ventilation, this can cause many problems in your bathroom, including mold and mildew, peeling wallpaper or chipping paint, lifting wood and musty smells. Avoid these issues by having adequate ventilation through either a bathroom exhaust fan or windows and window vents.

4. Install Sufficient Lighting

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms for lighting. Consider any natural lighting your bathroom may have from windows or skylights. Relying on natural lighting can give you a more realistic idea of what you look like in the mirror as opposed to artificial lighting.

After considering the amount of natural lighting in your bathroom, think about the best artificial lighting choices for your style. You want to choose lighting fixtures and bulbs that are flattering to both the room and your appearance. You have many options for lighting your bathroom, so look at each possibility and decide what is most reasonable for you. Some popular lighting choices are built-in vanity lights, LED lights on a dimmer, a centered overhead light, light strips, spotlights or a combination of these things.

install sufficient lighting

5. Have Accessible Outlets

Make sure the bathroom has enough accessible outlets for everything you need, especially if this is where you get ready in the morning. Think about all the different appliances you use and the number of outlets they require. Some items you may want to plug in within the bathroom are blow dryers, hair straighteners, razors and other electric products.

Ensure your outlets are accessible and placed where you need them. For example, have a couple of outlets within reach of the mirror so you can do things like curling your hair.

6. Include Storage Space Wherever Possible

Having extra storage in the bathroom is always a plus. Some storage options include creating space in the vanity, under the sink, in the shower and on your walls. Consider all your bathroom essentials and ensure there’s room to store each of these things before adding any additional luxury items in your bathroom. Be practical about the things you want and the things you may not have room for to avoid overcrowding your bathroom.

Essential items to account for regarding bathroom storage include soaps and shampoos, towels, medicines, razors, brushes and combs, cleaners and other bathroom appliances. Also, if you are someone who values storage space but also needs multiple outlets for various appliances, look into getting dual-purpose drawers that have outlets in them to save some space.

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Rent Painters can help you get the job done right

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