Paint Finishes for the Bathroom


Paint Finishes for the Bathroom

When it comes to most spaces in your home, there are specific paint finishes that are great for specific rooms.  For example, if you have children and they tend to be in the kitchen with you a lot and you or they tend to touch things with sticky fingers, you might want to go for a semi-gloss finish on things like cabinets and trim.  On the other hand, if you are painting something like a bathroom, laundry room, or even a garage where moisture is present, you will want to pick different finishes than a kitchen.  If you are painting a bathroom any time soon and you want to know about the BEST finishes for a moisture ridden room, be sure to read some of the options below as well as some of the tips included when it comes to painting a bathroom.


Three Types of Paint Finishes

When it comes to a bathroom, there are three different kinds of paint finishes you are going to want to consider.  All three have their own looks, their own benefits, and of course they also have their own disadvantages as well.


1- Semi-Gloss:  This is a less shiny option than the high gloss used in most kitchens.  Originally, before people had the option to use mildew or mold resistant paints for their bathrooms, because these types of paints weren’t available 20+ years ago, people used semi-gloss for their bathrooms all the time.   The paint tends to have a thicker viscosity, and the molecules between the paint are smaller and closer together, which means that less moisture will get through to the inside of your walls which of course makes this an ideal candidate for people that have mold or mildew problems in their bathrooms.  Semi-gloss, like high gloss, come in a variety of colors, and semi-gloss is also very easy to wipe down.  Simply take a soft cloth, some warm water and a bucket and you can swipe the wall from side to side to get rid of things like dust, dirt and fingerprints.


2- Satin:  If you ever have a sit down meeting with a top house painter in Washington DC, they are probably going to tell you that when it comes to a bathroom you use often, a Satin finish is going to be a bad choice.  And I agree!  But, if you want less of a sheen or shiny texture on your walls, you might want to consider going with a Satin finish.  Satin finishes go great in guest bathrooms because these are rooms that tend to be used a lot less for permanent dwellers in your home.  Usually if you have you, yourself and a son or daughter living in the home 24/7 you will have 2-3 bathrooms that you use constantly.  You don’t usually use the guest quarters unless you have guests.  Which is why satin paint is a good option for those rooms because you won’t have all that steam and moisture plaguing the bathroom.  Instead, it’s just going to be once in a while when you have guests that come over.  Satin, like semi-gloss is very easy to wipe down and clean and it comes in a lot of different colors.


3- High Gloss:  This is a surface that is very smooth and very durable.  Unlike matte or flat paint where you need to be careful how much pressure you put on it when it comes to cleaning it, semi-gloss and high gloss can take a lot of scrubbing and a lot of pressure when it comes time to getting out the warm water and rag to wash the walls.  High gloss also might be a good option for walls that will need to be cleaned often i.e.; hospital rooms, surgery rooms, kitchens where you have things like Hobart Mixers if you make a lot of cookies and cakes or you have a professional restaurant or bakery where you cook and bake a lot and you need a wall that is easily cleaned and needs to be cleaned a lot!  High gloss is also good for other things besides walls, such as doors, molding, cabinets, and even certain forms of woodwork.

Tips for Painting Concrete

Tips for Painting Concrete

If you have a concrete slab that is not too damaged, you can actually paint over it and create an awesome flooring option.  People use concrete flooring for all sorts of reasons.  Either it’s already pre-existing, for example in a garage or out on the patio.  While others have the ability to rip up carpet – which can be old, faded, or dirty, and have a concrete floor in places like their laundry room.

If you have a concrete slab that is not too damaged, you can actually paint over it and create an awesome flooring option.  People use concrete flooring for all sorts of reasons.  Either it’s already pre-existing, for example in a garage or out on the patio.  While others have the ability to rip up carpet – which can be old, faded, or dirty, and have a concrete floor in places like their laundry room.  You might think that concrete floors are something that have to stay as is, but they aren’t.  With a little fixing up, some repairing and painting, you can have a brand new looking floor that is super easy to clean and stylish.  Concrete floors can be painted virtually any color, any design or pattern, and they are pretty easy to work with.  If you have a concrete floor that you want to fix and make into a brand new beautiful looking floor, continue to read the article below for more information.

Cleaning and Prepping

While this is a pretty easy project, the most important step – and the most grunt work goes into the cleaning and prepping step.  You will need to use a vacuum, broom and sand paper in this step.  Using a 180 grit sand paper with broom, sand in one direction, and then the next to make sure there are no bumps and that the surface is smooth.  Once you do all of this, you can begin to sweep it up and vacuum up the left over dust.  It’s best to not use any water or wetness in this step because if you do you’ll have to wait an entire 24 hours to start the next step.  But, that’s up to you.

Sealing the Floor

It doesn’t matter if the floor is inside or out, you are going to seal the floor.  Sealing helps keep moisture out of the concrete floor, and helps protect your paintjob.  You will need to apply up to three coats, but more than one coat of sealing on the floor.  You will also need to let each coat cure and set for 24 hours before adding the next layer of sealing.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the manufactures directions for the sealer for the best results.  There are sealers you can find in your local home improvement store that are specifically for concrete.

Concrete Priming

Once all of the sealing is dry and cured, you can then begin to prime the flooring.  This is basically a way of getting the paint to stick to the concrete flooring, but it also fills in any small holes and gaps on the floor for a smoother look and feel.  When you pour the primer out onto the floor, try making about a plate sized spill of the primer in each corner of your floor, and work the paint roller in all directions, sort of like in a W formation like you would with paint.  Make sure that you get all the corners, as close to the floorboards as you can, and the remaining part of the floor.

Painting the Floor

You can really use any paint you want, but most professionals are going to tell you to either use masonry paint, indoor/outdoor paint or something like Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor Enamel.  It has to be meant for floors like this.  We are going to again, spill out about a plate sized amount onto the floor and using a paint roller with a pretty thick nap, use the W formation to cover the entire floor.  Chances are, you will need two coats of whatever paint you are using.  Make sure you let the first coat dry and then add the second coat.  Then in about 24 hours you can walk on the floor and in 72 hours you can start moving your stuff back in to the room or start the design process.


This step is for people that want to create designs or patterns or even their initials into the floor.  You can do this quite easily, depending on the design or pattern, with a measuring tape, or straight edge ruler to make your design.  Make sure you do it in light pencil.  Also, make sure you actually figure out your design before you start drawing, or you’re just going to end up with a bunch of eraser marks!  You can try a 3d looking floor with two different blues, checkerboard patterns with red/blue or black/red, you can even try creating a cool design using stencils.


Best Colors for the Ceiling

Best Colors for the Ceiling

When it comes time to hire a top residential painter, most people assume one of two things; one you have to paint the ceiling white or two you have to paint the ceiling whatever color the walls are painted.  This is actually very untrue.  Many people also believe that a white ceiling will make a room look and feel bigger, which is also not true.  It might make a room feel brighter, especially if it’s stark white, but there are many other colors that will make a room seem even bigger than a plain old white one could.  One of the biggest things you have to remember when it comes time to painting a ceiling is that you use proper lighting.  It doesn’t matter if you use red, white, orange or green for a ceiling, if you don’t have proper or enough lighting; the room is going to look small and crowded.  Be sure to use lots of lighting by way of natural light or artificial – or both if you have that luxury!  Below are a few room examples, along with a few color examples of options to use in order to make the most out of your room.


Hight Of a Ceiling


It’s not too often that a person owns a home and says “Man, I wish my ceilings were lower”, it’s always “Man, I wish my ceilings were higher.” But if you do happen to have a ceiling that is too high and you want to create a room that is much more cozy and intimate, you could try bringing the ceiling down – leave your hammers and pick axes in the garage though.  Instead, what you can do is paint the ceiling and then paint down the wall about a foot or so, to create a 3d like image that makes the ceiling look lower than it really is.  For this specific trick, you want to use a color that is bright and bold like red, pink, or even orange.  Essentially it creates a box like look, but it fools your eyes into thinking the ceiling is just lower.  For a really vivid and bold color try Orchid Rose S-G-110, Behr, it’s a hot pink color, but deep, not neon!


Lots of Wall to Floor Windows


If you have a room, such as a kitchen, with a lot of wall to floor windows, you are probably thinking you can’t use too much paint in the room.  But, as long as you have a ceiling you can still bring color into the room.  Instead of using something bold and bright like the option above, try a hue that will add some brightness, but still be relaxing.  Some colors to try are muted yellows, oranges and reds.  If you like a yellow color but you can’t find one that is muted enough, consider checking out Chickadee 3002-1B, Valspar.  To create even more beauty, think about adding an interesting chandelier piece made from recycled aluminum and glass to really bring your sight upward to the ceiling.  The yellow Chickadee 3002-1B, Valspar also looks great in the darker hours, as well as the sunlit hours too.


Interesting Architecture


If you have a cool slanted wall under your steps going upstairs and white seems way to stark, try a bolder color.  You’d be surprised at how interesting that wall or accent is going to get!  This is also a cool way to “hide” different things around it that you don’t want to bring attention to such as vents – paint the vents the same color as the architectural wall and you can easily hide it.  One color to consider for a different look?  Cancun Gold AC204-5, Kelly-Moore.  This has an almost greenish gold color to it, very different from anything else you have seen, I guarantee it.  If you don’t like the hue, but you want something close, consider asking a residential painter in Northern VA for some advice on other color options to use.


Bathroom Window Looking Outdoors


If you have a big beautiful window that looks outdoors, you probably feel pretty lucky.  Unfortunately, sometimes nature can get in the way with trees or other flora.  If you have a window that looks out to a tree or other greenery, consider bringing the outdoors indoors by painting your ceiling… blue.  The blue I’m about to recommend is really beautiful and unlike any other hue you have probably looked into.  This blue has a very outdoorsy, serene and relaxing feel to it, but it looks awesome indoors as a ceiling color.  The blue is called Denim Day 029-4, Mythic Paint; it does have a blue sky, blue jean look to it.  Definitely not something you will get sick of any time soon.  But, just in case blue isn’t your color you can try another nature color such as Springtime SW6708, Sherwin-William, it’s a nice green color, but it goes really well with areas that have a lot of natural light.

Choosing the Perfect Color For Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Color For Your Home

Spring is in the air, our yards are starting to green up, and we are spending more time outdoors. Maybe you have noticed that the exterior of your home is not looking as fresh as it once was, or maybe you are craving a color change. If you are thinking of painting your house, one of the first decisions you need to make is what color you will be using. This is a color that you should love seeing day after day, and one that complements your home’s style and architecture. The next decision you need to make is how to get that color on your house, and Rent Painters is here to help! If you are in the Washington D.C. area, we can tackle your exterior house painting and give your home a fresh new look! Read on for some tips on how to choose the perfect color for your home.


If you are looking for a soft, mellow color palette for the exterior of your home, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Tan, beige, soft gray or warm whites all can refresh your home while still being subtle and calming. If your landscaping is the highlight of your home, you may want your house to showcase your beautiful flowers and plants, not compete with them. Most homes will look wonderful in soft neutrals, and if you aren’t wanting to go bold on your home’s exterior, a neutral look is a safe choice.

Pops of Color

If you do choose to go with neutral colors on the body of your home’s exterior, you can still bring in pops of color and interest through the trim, doors, windows, and architectural details. A brightly colored door, in shades of yellow, red, or blue, can stand out on a plain exterior and lend interest to your home. Painting the trim a bright, vibrant shade can call attention to the details of your home, and bring in some color to an otherwise neutral facade. If your home has beautiful, unique architectural details, painting them a bright color can highlight them and make them stand out. Consider using a brighter color in small doses around the exterior of your home to lend interest without overpowering.

Moody Darks

Dark colors can make a very small house look even smaller, but they can also add substance and importance. A dark grey or blue can really accent bright green bushes and trees, and will not show dirt as easily as lighter colors. A strong dark color can really make your house stand out, and bring out details that previously had faded into the background. Combining dark colors with pops of color on the trim, windows, or doors can create a beautiful visual effect. If you are wanting to go really dark with your paint color, remember that colors usually look lighter once they are on your house.

Utilize Existing Colors

If your home is partially brick or stucco, or if your roof has a signature red tone, you will want to work with, not against, those colors. A blonde brick might not look as good next to a bright white paint job, and a blue slate roof won’t coordinate as well with a brown exterior. Look to the colors that already are present in the exterior of your home when choosing a new paint shade. You don’t need to match these existing colors exactly, but working with them will help you make your home as attractive as possible.

Consider the Style

Different styles of homes work better with particular colors. If your home has a lot of details, utilizing many colors can be a great way to accentuate each of those details, and really let them shine. If your home is rather plain, trying to use too many colors can actually backfire and end up looking sloppy or uncoordinated. Look to other homes that are similar in style to yours to get ideas and inspiration.

Be a Good Neighbor

You don’t need to be twins with your immediate neighbors, but noticing the general color scheme of your neighborhood is a good idea when choosing a new paint color. If your next door neighbor has a bright, vibrant home, you may want to make sure your bright color of choice will be complimentary. If every house on the block is a different shade of tan, a bright green home will really stand out. Maybe that is the look you are going for, but it is good to assess your neighborhood before starting your exterior paint job.


Don’t think that white is boring! White is a classic color choice that can bring some classic charm to any home. If your home is slightly smaller than your neighbors, white paint can make it seem bigger and more stately. White paint is a great choice for reflecting the sun’s rays, which make it last longer and retain less heat. If you are not using white on the main part of your house, it is a fantastic choice for the trim work. White paint can instantly clean up worn looking window frames or soffits, and draw the eye to any unique details of your home.


With so many choices, you are sure to find a home color that you really love! Rent Painters would love to help you with your exterior home painting jobs, and give you the home of your dreams. Contact us today to get started with your next painting project.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Summertime is here, flowers are blooming, and everyone is spending more time outdoors. If the exterior of your home has seen better days, there are many steps you can take to boost your home’s curb appeal. If you are thinking of selling your home, all of these tips will bring the buyers inside and hopefully seal the deal. If you aren’t selling, these aesthetic upgrades will make your home more enjoyable for you all year long.

Front Door

The entry to your home can make a big impact, and you want that impact to be positive. If your front door is peeling, worn, or damaged, it doesn’t create a very warm and welcoming entry. A great front entry instantly boosts the value of your home, and how nice buyers will perceive the interior to be. Along with your door, upgrading the door hardware can also have a big impact, and can change the style of the entryway. If your house is a neutral color the front door can be a chance to use a bold, bright color in a small yet impactful way. Spruce up your front door and instantly make your whole home look better.


If your garage faces the street, it is taking up a large piece of visual real estate. If you have broken, worn, or mismatched garage doors, they are doing nothing but pulling your home down in value. Get new garage doors to instantly give your home a facelift! Consider a completely new style of door, or paint your garage doors to give them new life. If you are focusing on the exterior of your home, don’t forget about the garage!


Your home may look good during the day, but what about the nighttime? Adding lighting can really enhance the look of your home at night. Consider adding landscape lighting along a path or a flowerbed to define those areas and create a soft glow. Lights can highlight beautiful architectural details on your home, and can cast dramatic shadows on your grounds. Outdoor lighting can make your home look calm and peaceful, and give it an inviting feel. Especially if you are thinking of selling your home, nighttime lighting can make your home as attractive to buyers at night as it is during the day. If you have existing lighting, such as porch lights, or a lamppost, make sure they are clean and in good condition. You could consider painting your light fixtures in a more modern shade, or replacing them with something unique and beautiful. Outdoor lighting can really add the finishing touch to the exterior of any home.

New Roofing

An old, peeling roof can drag the rest of the house down with it. If you are selling your home, the roof is one of the first things that a buyer will look at, and they can see it without even getting out of their car! If you want to bring buyers in the door, you need to make sure that your roof is in good condition. You will also want to make sure that whatever shade your roof is, it coordinates with your home’s exterior color.


The landscaping around your home can either add beauty and charm or look like an overgrown eyesore. Make your home beautiful with curved garden beds, planters, or new bushes or trees. Plants give your home great splashes of color, and make any home seem much more inviting. Consider installing a walkway, if you don’t already have one, that gracefully curves up to your door. Prune unruly bushes and trees, and plant new ones for more shade and beauty. Install a fountain, new fence, or stone patio to add interest and great design to the outside of your home. Make sure you keep your beds weeded and your grass watered to keep your landscape lush and green.


We’ve saved the best curb-appeal boosting tip for last! The number one thing you can do to make your home look amazing is paint the outside! Paint instantly can transform your home from something ordinary to something that catches attention. If your home has peeling paint, damaged wood, or faded color, a new exterior paint job will help! Paint your home a color that complements the style, and get ready for your house to look its best!

If you are wanting to get the exterior of your home looking great in the Washington D.C. area, Rent Painters are here to help! Our years of experience will ensure that your home gets the paint job it needs, and you will love the results! Take a look at the outside of your home and assess what changes you could make that will increase the beauty and curb appeal If you decide your home could benefit from an exterior paint job—call us!

Using Pantone’s Color of the Year

Using Pantone’s Color of the Year

Have you been looking at paint colors and wanting something new, fresh, and vibrant? Every year the Pantone Color Institute comes out with a color of the year—something that captures the feeling of the year and is “a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” We will explore the 2017 Pantone color of the year and how you could use it in your home!

And the Color Is…

Greenery! This yellow-green shade is bright, energetic, and full of the energy of springtime. According to Pantone:

Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This shift is reflected by the proliferation of all things expressive of Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices globally. A constant on the periphery, Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront-it is an omnipresent hue around the world. A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.

Who knew a color could hold so much meaning (Pantone did), and could evoke so many feelings? A major aspect of this color is the desire to reconnect to nature and take a break from the technology and artificial constructs of daily life. Green is inextricably linked to nature, and can infuse your home with a dose of natural beauty. If a bright green seems like just what your house is needing for new life and vitality, let’s explore where you could use it!

Go Big

Greenery is a bright, bold color, and using it large-scale in your home will make a huge statement. Some homes can handle this bright color in a whole room, and it can bring a jolt of new life into a boring living room or dining room. On an exterior, Greenery could make a small, boring home really pop, and even though this is a bold green, it can perfectly pair with your outdoor landscaping. Greenery could even be used on a more modern home with clean lines and boxy shapes. If you want your kitchen to really pop, cabinets painted in Greenery will stand out and make a huge design statement. A bedroom that could use some refreshing will come to life with the vibrant green, and even a boring bathroom can benefit from Greenery. If you want to truly make an impact, use Greenery in large areas to draw attention and create great design.

It’s All in the Details

Love the look of Greenery but don’t feel you can commit to painting your whole exterior or a whole room? No worries, Greenery is perfect in small pops of color that add interest to your home. The trim on the outside of your house can looking amazing with Greenery; pair it with a neutral color to really stand out and accentuate any architectural details on your home. Victorian homes often have a lot of exterior trim work that lends itself to multiple colors, and Greenery is a perfect addition to your color mix! On the inside of your home, maybe you don’t want to paint a whole room in Greenery, but your trim would look amazing and unique utilizing this vibrant color. Look for smaller details that you could paint in Greenery that would really add to the look of your home.

Make an Entrance

Want to make a grand impression at the entrance to your home? Consider painting your front door in Greenery! This bold shade is perfect on a front door, and will really help define your entryway and add in whimsy. If using a color like Greenery seems too much for a larger space, your door is a great place to utilize something bright and bold. Your front door is usually seen from the street, and can help set your home apart from neighboring houses that may look similar. Your door is also the first thing that guests see before they enter your home, so harness the natural, soothing shade of Greenery to make a great first impression!

Outside Ideas

Think of your home as the entire property, and you might find an unconventional spot that is perfect for Greenery! A shed can transform from something bland and boring into something that adds a great pop of color into your backyard! A playhouse is the perfect place to use Greenery; maybe once you paint that smaller house you will want to use this beautiful shade on your whole home! Think of any outdoor sheds or buildings as an opportunity to bring more style and color into your home as a whole!

Bookshelves and Built-Ins

Any bookshelves or built-in areas offer a great opportunity to use Greenery. The beauty of this color is that it pairs wonderfully with so many other colors: it can look playful and young against white walls, or more sophisticated against a darker, moodier background. A built in window seat is a great opportunity for some color in your living room, and built-in hutches and buffets in a dining room are places that could use some extra interest. Bookshelves that are painted in Greenery provide the perfect backdrop to your books and magazines, and draw the eye to these areas. Consider whether you have any bookshelves or built-ins that would benefit from the use of Greenery!

Take the Stairs

Do you have a boring set of stairs in your home begging for a makeover? Transform your staircase with the vibrancy of Greenery. Make your stairway more than just a means to go upstairs, let it take front and center in design with the bright color of Greenery! You could also consider just painting the risers of the stairs to add in Greenery in a more subtle way. Think of any staircases that could use the power of paint in your home!

Make Laundry Fun

If there is one room in the house that is often neglected it is the laundry room. We end up spending a lot of time in this room (especially if there are a lot of people in your household), but we often don’t give it the attention it deserves. Spruce up your laundry room, and make washing your clothes a little more fun with an infusion of Greenery into that space! Walls, cabinets, or even the floor could use a pop of color and interest! Plus, Greenery can add in the essence of nature to a space that usually confines us to the indoors. Try Greenery in your laundry room today!

Are you convinced that your home could use a dose of the Pantone color of the year? Rent Painters in serves the Washington D.C. area and can take care of all of your house painting needs! Whether you are ready for your whole exterior to transform with the bold look of Greenery, or are wanting to incorporate it into smaller details on your home, Rent Painters can help! We tackle all paint jobs, both large and small—call us today!

Why You Should Paint Your Home This Fall

Why You Should Paint Your Home This Fall

As the leaves start to turn, and the temperatures cool down, you might be thinking of cozy sweaters and hot chocolate. You should also think about painting the outside of your house! Before the snows and cold set in, get your house painted—read on to find out why!

Paint Protects From Bad Weather

If your home has cracks, gaps, peeling paint, or splitting wood, you are leaving an open invitation for moisture to enter and cause damage. Snow and rain that can penetrate your home lead to rotting boards, mold, and mildew, and can even make their way into the interior of your home. Paint seals the boards on your home, and a skilled painter will inspect your home to find any signs of damage that need to be repaired before painting. If you have wood siding, leaving it unpainted over the winter can cause the wood to dry out, splinter, crack, and warp. Paint protects wood, and giving your home a new coat of paint can help prolong its life and avoid future damage.

Remove Dangerous Lead

If you have an older home, there is a chance that there could be lead paint on your home’s exterior. If this paint is intact it is safe, but if it is peeling, flaking, or wearing away, your family’s health could be put at risk. Lead paint is dangerous to ingest or inhale, and can cause a whole variety of health issues. Lead paint that flakes into the soil or a garden can make its way into your food, and young kids playing outside can breathe in harmful, lead-contaminated dust. If your home is older and looks like the paint is peeling, get it tested for lead and take the proper steps to have it safely removed. Your home is then ready for a fresh coat of new, safe paint that will last for years to come.

Take Advantage of Good Weather

The fall is usually a time of mild temperatures, not too cold nights, and not much moisture. These are the perfect conditions for painting, and can actually be better than painting in the blazing heat of the summer. Paint performs best when the temperatures outside are mild, and not either hot or freezing cold. Take advantage of the time before winter to get your exterior painted!

Make Your Home Beautiful With Paint

Probably the number one reason people paint their homes is to make them more aesthetically pleasing. You will enjoy your home even more if you love the color you get to see every time you come home. If you are looking for a way to really change your home, paint is a great choice! Paint can update a tired exterior, highlight detail and trim work, and impact how big your home appears. Paint is a great way to beautify your home, and getting it done before spring will give you months to be outside enjoying it!

Avoid Ruining Your Landscaping

In the fall, plants, flowers, and bushes are beginning to die back ,and can be cut down for the next season. This is a great time to get the exterior of your home painted, while there are no tender buds to step on in flower beds and planters adjacent to the house. You can mulch your beds and then be able to walk over them without killing any precious plants. This is just another reason that utilizing the time before winter is an essential time for exterior home painting.

Avoid the Rush

Spring weather brings us outdoors, and it is looking at the exterior of your home from your back or side yard that usually causes people to finally decide to paint. Painters can fill up quick, and you may find yourself unable to schedule your paint job that year. Take advantage of a lesser known season for painting your home’s exterior, and schedule your job before winter.

Get Ready to Sell

Spring is a great time to sell your home, but it needs to be all ready to go to be on the market at just the right time. That includes having it all painted, looking it’s best, and having the curb appeal to bring the buyers into the door. Buyers look at many homes, usually just by driving by first, and if the outside of your house is looking dated, worn, or not taken care of, it indicates that the inside will be the same. Painting your home before winter gives you the cold months to ready the indoors for sale, already having the exterior looking great!

So are you ready to seize these next few months to tackle your home’s exterior painting? Rent Painters in Washington D.C. would love to help you with any of your house painting projects, regardless of the season! Who knows? You may be so thrilled with your exterior painting that you decide to move on to the interior during the winter, so call us today to get started!

Why Hiring a Professional Painter is a Great Decision

Why Hiring a Professional Painter is a Great Decision

Do you have a room in your home that is needing a facelift? Or does your exterior need some TLC? Maybe you have considered tackling your next painting project yourself, but have you really thought this through? Many people think they will save some money doing their own painting, but in reality they end up being disappointed in the final result. Read on to find out why hiring professional painters is the best decision you can make for your home!


Anyone can attempt a paint job, but few can successfully complete it. Painting takes skill, patience, and a knowledge of how the paint will perform. Some common mistakes that are made by DIY painters include costly spills on rugs and carpets, painting onto wood trim or other details that shouldn’t be painted, and not being able to get a clean, straight line between walls and ceilings. These little nuances are actually the things you notice the most, and can make your paint job look unprofessional. When you use Rent Painters you know you are getting skilled painters who will deliver great results. How complicated can painting be? The answer is, surprisingly, very complicated. Rent Painters can make your home look beautiful without any of the mistakes commonly made by amateurs.


One way that our professional painters get those great results is with painstaking preparatory work. Preparing surfaces to be painted is incredibly important in getting long lasting, beautiful results. Washing walls or power washing the exterior, scraping, sanding, and filling in holes or repairing damage are all necessary before the actual painting process begins. Add to that taping off windows and doors and protecting carpets, landscaping or sidewalks and you can see how painting is a much bigger job than it seems! The preparation ensures that the paint will stick to the surfaces and won’t peel or chip prematurely. Preparation also gets the surface to be painted in the best condition possible so that your new paint job can really shine! A skilled professional painter knows how important preparation is, and has the experience to know that preparation is the only way to ensure a great end result.


Speaking of experience, it’s important! You wouldn’t want to change the engine in your car without knowing a few auto repair basics, and you shouldn’t attempt to paint your house without painting skills. Experience allows professional painters to move quickly, cut in at trim, windows, and ceilings, and know how many coats to use. Experience delivers a paint job that looks great, in all light, and even up close! We take pride in our painter’s experience, and would love to share that experience with you!


Do you know what happens when someone paints their home who doesn’t know what they are doing? You probably are thinking first of the mistakes that could be made, but the thing that really becomes overwhelming is the amount of time it takes. While a professional painter, or painting crew, could be in and out in a day or two, when you are juggling work, kids, and general life, it can take much, much, longer. Remember, during all of this time your home will be inconvenienced, your rooms may be unable to be used, and your life will be disrupted. If you are working all day long, the last thing you want to do is come home to hours of more work. And remember, time is money, which brings us to our next point…


The main reason people choose to DIY their paint job is to save money, but the final cost can end up being surprising. After you factor in rollers, tape, brushes, tarps, and the paint you may end up paying much more than you thought. Plus, you may make mistakes in selecting the right primer, tools, or actual paint or paint colors and have to buy more to make it right. Countless trips to the hardware store for more paint, more tape, or another brush can cost time and money, and soon your costs have piled up even more. And let’s not forget about all of that time you are spending doing a job you don’t really know how to do—how much is your time worth? The cost of professional painters may seem like a lot up front, but might actually not be that much more than trying to DIY it. Save yourself time, stress, and money and hire the pros!


Along with money spent on supplies is the quality of those supplies. Professional painters know the best tools for the job, and get those great results with the best supplies. The right brushes, rollers, tape, and paint can make all the difference in the finished project. Investing in all of the same tools that the pros use can be too much of a commitment for many homeowners, but the right tools can make all the difference. When you hire professional painters you are getting not only their skill and experience, but all of their tools for the job as well!


Yes, painting can be dangerous! Maybe you’re chuckling to yourself thinking about someone injuring themselves with a brush, but consider painting your second or third story, with a full gallon of paint, on a ladder, leaning over and trying to paint a straight line. Or painting a vaulted ceiling precariously perched on scaffolding. Painting at heights can be dangerous, and takes a professional to know how to do it safely. Plus, working with certain paints and stains can require good ventilation and be dangerous to breathe in the fumes. A professional will know which paints require masks, how to keep paint off of the skin, hair, and eyes, and how to clean up different types of paint. Additionally, some houses can contain lead paint which is dangerous if it is inhaled or ingested. A professional can advise you on whether you should paint over your older lead paint, or if you need to call in a lead abatement company. Don’t mess around with your safety—call a professional painter today!

Clean Up

At the end of every paint job is a huge amount of clean up. After painting, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning up, but that is just what a professional painter will do. Our painters will inspect the final job to make sure it is perfect, and clean up any tools, tape, or other by products of the painting project. Clean up is the final step in the painting process, and you will be glad if you leave it to the pros!

Have we convinced you yet? At Rent Painters in Washington D.C., we specialize in interior and exterior house painting and would love to help you with your next project! If you are ready to make your home beautiful, and save time, stress, and maybe even some money, call us today!

The Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Interior

The Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Interior

The Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Interior

We have already talked about why this fall is the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior, but what about the interior? Painting the interior of your home can do a lot more for you than just give you a new color, read on to learn more!

The Ultimate Clean

Maybe you are a neat freak, and you faithfully dust, vacuum, and mop until your home sparkles. If your interior walls have not been painted recently, they can still look dirty even after a thorough scrub. If they haven’t been painted in a really long time, scrubbing may not be an option, and you will just be rubbing color off the walls and leaving a bare spot. If you have children or pets, you know that little sticky fingers and dirty paws can wreak havoc on your walls, and there could be areas where dirt has accumulated and is marring the look of your home. Or, you may have a little Picasso who has gotten ahold of a marker of the permanent variety, and no amount of scrubbing is going to erase their masterpieces. Painting your walls instantly makes your home look cleaner (even if you aren’t a clean freak!), and breathes new life into an older house. Base trim is one area of interior rooms that can look dirty quickly with scuffs and dings, and paint can restore that clean, uniform look that instantly updates and modernizes your home. When you are going to paint it is also a great time to fill in small cracks, holes, dents, or damaged corners in your house, and once you paint over these areas they will look as good as new. Paint really is a great cleaning tool, so if you feel like your rooms aren’t looking as sharp as they could, it could be your solution!


Do you have plaster walls? Plaster that is not sufficiently covered by a layer of paint can create dust in the home as it wears off the walls, and paint forms a protective coating that can keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Even if your home is newer, drywall can absorb moisture over time, and painting seals out any moisture and keeps your walls from adding weight and affecting your home’s structural integrity. You could have problems with mold or mildew, and to completely eliminate them you must not only clean the affected area, but seal it with a high quality paint. Paint can repel dirt, dust, and allergens, and make it easier to clean these contaminants off of your walls, or sweep them up off of the floor. Protect your walls and interior trim and make them not only resistant to debris, but easier to clean and maintain. Many newer paints are able to be scrubbed without losing their sheen or color, so you can go longer in between touch up applications.


Okay, you can clean and protect your walls, but what most people are after is a dramatic visual change to their living spaces, and paint is a great way to do that! Maybe you have a smaller living room that is an unfortunate shade of dark brown, making it appear even more cramped and claustrophobic. Painting the walls a light, airy white can really open up your space, and create visual space that wasn’t there before. White paint is a great neutral, and can instantly update a room that screams 80s or 90s and make it feel more modern and current. In the same way that a light paint color can create space, a darker color can make a large space feel cozier, and is great for creating a sanctuary feeling in a bedroom. Darker colors can be used on just one wall to add in a pop of color without completely closing in a whole room. Just a change of color can make a room feel different, and color can affect mood. Reds and oranges read as exciting, energetic, and dynamic, while yellows are often seen as bright and cheery. Blue is a serene, calming color, and purple gives a rich, elegant touch. Using your favorite color on your interior walls can customize your space and make it feel more personal. Even if you are going completely neutral on the walls, you can use a color to make the trim or the ceiling stand out; this is especially nice when you have an older home with thick, intricate trim work. Speaking of ceilings, don’t forget about them! If you paint your walls a bright white and your ceilings are a dingy yellow, it will only highlight them. Repainting your ceilings is the finishing touch that can make your room look complete. You don’t need to settle on white for ceilings, they can be the same color as your walls, or they can be the main focal point in a deep jewel tone. If your home needs a boost, consider how powerful painting your rooms a new color can be.

Increase Home Value

Thinking of selling your home? One of the best ways to add value to your home is with paint. Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to “remodel”, and you will usually recoup all of your investment. Paint makes your home look newer, cleaner, and more attractive to potential buyers. Whether you are covering up an outdated color, or just making your walls look brand new, paint can impress buyers and breathe new life into your home. If you are thinking of only making small changes before you put your home on the market, paint will have a big return on investment.

Easily Changed

While paint can have a dramatic impact, it isn’t that difficult to change and you don’t have to commit to a color forever. While putting a second story on your home, adding a bathroom, or completely reconfiguring your kitchen are major changes that would be expensive to undo, painting your walls can be redone when you are ready for something new. If you decide that accent wall isn’t going with your new furniture choices, just swap it out for something else! Paint is powerful, but it is not something you have to commit to forever.


Maybe the best reason to have your interior walls painted is that you will enjoy your home more! Don’t put off painting until you move, having freshly painted walls can make you love relaxing in your living room, cooking and baking in your kitchen, and even getting ready in the bathroom! Paint is a powerful tool that can make a room seem larger, make your furniture look better, and can boost your mood with a great color choice. If you are looking for interior house painting in Washington D.C., Rent Painters are here to help! Let us take care of the painting process, and you can enjoy the results!