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Small Chalk Painted area

Chalk Painted Wall

The color choice in any area can have a dramatic effect on the people that visit there. Warm tones can cause excitement, neutral tones can make you calm, and cool tones can make a room feel smaller. These instinctive and subliminal feelings can create a good or bad perception of the place they are visiting right away. Here is how to use interior painting to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for your clients at your doctors office, so they have a good impression of you right away.


Calm The Visitor

You need to pick the right office colors to ensure that the image your client gets and the judgments that they make as soon as they open the door are good ones. Any commercial painting professional in Washington DC will tell you that blue is known to have a calming effect on the visitors of a room when used as the main color. This calming affect can even bring down blood pressure, slow breathing, and even slow heart rate. Look for a softer shade. A darker shade of blue is more likely to cause feelings of sadness which is exactly what you want to avoid.

Green is another color that evokes calmness that a commercial painting contractor would probably recommend. A darker green gives a natural look, unlike the sadness the dark blue brings. Play with the greens available from the lightest sea foam to the darkest hunter green. Browns could be used with the darker greens and blues could be used with the light greens. Find the color combinations that have already been made up by the paint store. They will show you what combinations are proven to work in the past. All you need to do is find the base that you want to start with, match that color up with one of their paints, and enjoy knowing that your colors are not going to clash.


Colored Ribbons for Cancer

In a doctors office that deals with cancer, it would be appropriate to use the colors that have been assigned to certain colored ribbons for each disease. A white ribbon is for lung cancer awareness which does not help us add much color to the room. A yellow ribbon is for bone cancer awareness. Beyond the various single colored ribbons, there are special ones as well. A puzzle ribbon reminds you to be aware of autism. A zebra print ribbon signifies awareness of diseases that are rare. With all the color of the various awareness ribbons you could put together an interesting collage of ribbons meant to make everyone aware of everything. Once beyond the front entrance of your office, you could even color the different areas of the office for what specific sickness is treated there.

A children’s doctors office will look much different from an adult doctor’s office. You must pick colors that are going to reach out to them and keep them entertained. Base colors are what you want to be working with when it comes to a children’s area. Bright red and bold blue bring thoughts of the circus. Instead of painting everything with one color, consider making a design that will call out to children. Big colorful beach balls, animals, cartoon characters, and clowns. If your patients are mostly children, utilize a paint job that will cater to them to make there visit as painless as possible.

The way the human psychology is affected by the colors they see is amazing. By having rooms painted with certain colors, it is possible to calm the visitor, excite them, or even make them feel sad. You can utilize these little tricks to evoke the emotions you want, and to make your doctors office seem that much more enjoyable.

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