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Types of interior paint

Paint Types

When painting a restaurant, you need to be aware of the colors you are using and how they may affect the mood of your customers. Depending on the restaurant, you will want to utilize different colors get evoke different emotions. Here are a few different ways you can affect the mood of a customer with some interior painting in your Washington DC restaurant.


Go Use What Already Works

Colors can set the mood in any environment. Choosing the right colors for your restaurant will add to the atmosphere you are trying to create. The first step in creating something hospitable is by using pre selected color combinations from the paint store or commercial painting professional. These have already been put together by paint designers and are proven to have already worked together. These colors will compliment each other and blend well. This is a great starting point for finding the right paint for you.


Different Types of Restaurants Require Different Combinations

If you are in the fast food restaurant business, you are going to want to use vibrant and warm colors to stimulate the appetite of your customers. A mix of reds, oranges, and yellows is a good starting point.

A higher class restaurant will have a different atmosphere altogether. You will want a more elegant and neutral color tone. A gourmet restaurant should have a soothing atmosphere where the focus stays on the food. Browns and grays are a good choice for this type of restaurant.

A health food restaurant should use colors that represent nature. There should be a light and healthy feeling. Green and brown fit nicely. A light green carpet color that reminds your customer of a salad will be sure to get them inspired to eat healthy.


Contrasting Colors

Contrast is also an important part of your paint choice. Using that contrast color will make what you paint with it stand out. Metallic colors work good to for contrast as well as giving your restaurant a more elegant feel.


More Complicated Patterns

Stencils can be used to make bold patterns and add some drama to your walls. If you have a piece of fabric that you think the colors are perfect on, you can match them up to your paint. You could even make a stencil out of your fabric and blow it up for use on your walls.


Things to Avoid

Hopefully you now have an idea of what colors you would like to use to give your restaurant a certain type of atmosphere. Here are a few additional tips of things you should avoid as you do your painting.

Using light colors on walls that have high traffic is a very bad idea. Near the level that would be touched by kids and adults hands can become dirty very quickly and will show up even more if the area is painted white. Finger prints, ketchup stains, and dried food remains are not what a customer wants to see as they start to order their food..

Do not be afraid to add a bit of color. If you are choosing to stick with one neutral tone over another neutral tone, your restaurant will look boring. When adding that contrasting color to what you picked to begin with, everything really starts jumping out.

Stay away from primary colors in adult oriented restaurants. Even a residential painting contractor knows that. They are generally too bright for most. These colors will give your place a childish feel and put off many of your would be customers.

By choosing the right colors for the foundation of your restaurant, you will be setting yourself up for a wonderful restaurant design. Use the inspirations from the things around you like nature, fabric, magazines, or different internet sites to get an idea of what you want. With a good color choice in your place, the customer will savor the food as well as the atmosphere.


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